Prepare your garden for a memorable summer dinner party 

The blissful moments in life… A cozy dinner with your family, friends or relatives. Dining together and talking for hours; looking beyond the order of the day. These are the moments to talk about the things that really matter, to forge unbreakable bonds, and above all: to enjoy a delicious meal together.  

By simply creating the right environment at your dinner parties, you automatically create the ideal atmosphere for you and your guests which takes your evening to that next level.  How to create the right environment is actually easier than you think!

The starting point of the evening: aperitifs in your lounge

As your guests trickle in, you invite them into your lounge set. While enjoying the sun to its fullest, the conversations start to flow. Everyone settles down with the greatest comfort, enjoying a glass of bubbly or non-alcoholic alternative. The tone has been set. Tonight the focus is on each other; no distractions in sight. 

You prepare some scrumptious appetizers, and serve them on a large serving platter centered on the table. With an organic lounge set, like the Organix Lounge, you have the space and comfort to accomplish this effortlessly. Let the appetizer phase of the evening last as long as you feel like it. Nothing is required, everything is allowed.

Sitting down at an idyllic dining table 

After the aperitif, you and your guests move to the dining table. It’s beautifully decorated; think gorgeous china and placemats, with some stylish accents like candles or dried flowers. This is the setting for your evening, so spare no expense on time or effort to create something memorable.

Be sure to provide your guests with immeasurable comfort. At the Conix table there’s ample room for everyone to gather around. They all sit and eat without bumping each other, yet are close enough to form tight bonds. Everyone is equally involved during this magical evening.

By placing focus on the area around your dining table, you complete the overall feeling of relaxed intimacy. One way to accomplish this is to hang lanterns in the trees or bushes around your table. In addition, give thought to how to keep everyone warm and cozy once the sun sets. A few strategically placed blankets and maybe some beautiful garden lights to keep the scene lit. The only thing missing now is each other’s company.

Finish with a delicious drink 

Add a unique & unforgettable factor to the evening. Slide behind the Ninix Bar Table, and bring out the bartender in you. While gifting everyone with yet another delectable cocktail, you all talk about the fantastic evening before everyone returns home, or…will another little party break out among yourselves?

Whatever you choose, your garden will be the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening. With the garden collections of Royal Botania you easily create the ideal setting. Are you ready for it? Find a dealer in your area.

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